Recruitment Process

1. Receiving Hiring Demands From Client
This is the initial phase for the recruitment process, where client expresses their need for a specific job position to be filled. The recruitment team meets with the client to understand their exact requirements, including job responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and any specific skills or certifications needed. Detailed discussions help ensure that both the client and the recruitment team have a clear understanding of the requirement.

2. Preparation of Job Order
Following the client inquiry, a job order is established as per the Nepal Embassy Format. This step involves preparing a detailed job description and specification that includes all the necessary information about both parties. The client and the recruitment team review and agree upon the job order to prevent misunderstandings later in the process.

3. Talent Search
Sourcing is a comprehensive phase that involves various strategies to identify potential candidates. These strategies can include posting job advertisements on relevant job boards, searching internal databases, leveraging social media, and engaging in professional networking. The aim is to attract a pool of qualified candidates who match the job requirements.

4. Meticulous Screening of Applicants
The applications & resumes of the candidates undergo a rigorous and methodical review process, keeping in mind about the client requirement and criteria. This involves an in-depth review of their applications with in-person, phone or video interviews. Candidates are shortlisted based on their qualifications, experience, and alignment with the job order. This rigorous screening ensures that only the most qualified and compatible candidates proceed to the next phase.

5. Final Selection
Upon the identification of suitable candidates, who have successfully navigated pre-screening and background verification, we take charge of the interview process. This can be conducted at our esteemed Head Office, Branch Office as per the situation, We have highly embedded strong internet connections and hassle-free, sound proof meeting Halls to ensure effective and smooth interview even via online platform like zoom, Skype, teams and any other communication channels preferred by Clients.

6. Conducting Medical examination
Based on the results of a medical examination, employers are able to determine if a candidate is physically and mentally fit ensuring they are well-suited to perform their duties in their respective Job position.

7. Processing Visa Stamping
Our efficient framework expedites the visa application process, ensuring streamlined and prompt procedure.

8. Special Orientation
The selected candidate receives specialized orientation or training tailored to their job, company policies, and the destination country’s regulations. This can include safety training, cultural adaptation programs, and specific job-related training.

9. Departure of candidates
Upon successful processing, candidates travel to the host country, where our company personnel warmly receive them and facilitate their seamless transfer to their work locations, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable start to their new roles.

10. Deployed Candidates Assessment Report:
After the candidate has been working for a specified period, usually a few months, an assessment report is generated. This report evaluates the candidate’s performance, adaptability to the new environment, and identifies any additional training or support needed. It provides valuable feedback to both the client and the recruitment team.