Orientation is an introductory stage in the process of employee assimilation. Orientation for selected workers on local culture, tradition, social practices, and social and religious taboos is essential. We have an inbuilt mechanism for orientation for workers before they are sent to work destinations. It is aimed to make the workers used to the new culture of another country. They have to understand the nature of work, immigration, and labor laws as well as rituals, social taboos, tradition and culture of the particular country.

We have designed courses for the orientation based on the countries and their cultures. We teach our workers about the social practices forbidden by the laws of the land. Orientation is designed to avoid misunderstanding with the local people and for maintaining harmony between the migrant workers and the people of the particular country.
Basically, we provide orientation before selection, after selection and before the departure of the candidates.

Before Selection
Orientation before selection or before the interview is held in order to provide the candidates the knowledge about the nature of particular work they are applying for. They are provided with every detail of the respective company, country, and job so that they know what they want and why they want to apply for that particular job.

After Selection
Orientation after the selection is carried out when the candidates are selected in the interview. Candidates must take two days orientation class so that they have a detailed understanding about the nature of work, immigration and labor laws as well as rituals, social taboos, tradition and culture of the particular country. It is compulsory for the candidates to attend the orientation class so as to avoid misunderstandings.

Before Departure
Finally, the candidates are briefed about the flights, tickets and the respective company right before the departure. All their doubts are cleared during the briefing so that no issues are generated in the near future.